About us

AND HITECH INDUSTRIES LTD (AHIL) is India’s leading Railway Rolling stock Quality Products manufacturer and service provider. Established in 2013, AHIL quickly expanded by creating a reputation for trust, reliability and excellent customer service.

We remain committed to delivering 100% customer satisfaction under the capable guidance and stewardship of Mr. Angad Singh. The company has a well-established team of highly qualified and trained professionals. Today, our team of 100+ members provide expert guidance and unparalleled service to our customers, including Indian Railways and Agriculture Industries.


To bring innovation and evaluate the future roadmap for clients and shareholders with positive outcomes through technological advancements and the expansion of our industry partnerships.


And Hitech is composed of a diverse team of professionals with varying backgrounds, technical expertise, and perspectives all of which contribute to our ability to provide innovative solutions for each client.


Mr. Angad Singh

Managing Director

Message From MD’s Desk

Connecting the dots for sustainable mobility!

AND HITECH INDUSTRIES LTD is committed to sustainability. Progress is the result of ongoing efforts and evaluation of those efforts. I believe in completing milestones in a sequential manner; once one is completed, another awaits.

Our primary focus is on dependability and availability, which we achieve by developing highly innovative technological solutions to meet changing mobility needs in terms of safety, design, quality, and comfort.

We are dedicated to total customer satisfaction by identifying their unique requirements, translating them into high-quality products, and providing reliable and consistent after-sales services.

As part of our commitment to our shareholders, we strive to enhance wealth through sustained growth within the scope of the Unit's spirit, to ensure that commercial objectives and social service goals are optimally balanced.

AND Hitech Industries Ltd.'s journey is never ending. But, with the help of our team and clients, I am confident that the company will continue to reach new heights of excellence in the coming years.

High-Performance Services for a Wide Range of Industries and Technologies!


Maintain extensive infomediaries over time by providing specialised services of railway rolling stock and the agriculture industry.